Petersburg scientists have developed a rejuvenating cream based on cobwebs

In St. Petersburg, a group of scientists invented a regenerating face cream based on spider webs. The new tool is designed to smooth wrinkles and fight skin imperfections, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the National Technology Initiative.

The startup appeared in the bowels of ITMO University. The cream does not use the web itself, but the proteins developed on its basis. Scientists used the web of tarantulas and silkworms. From it, with special processing, it was possible to obtain a suspension, which was subsequently added to the cream.

The main property of protein is that it increases the rate of formation of new cells.

Tests in the laboratory have already passed, the next step is to obtain a patent.

With their development, scientists want to replace the vacated niches of foreign regenerative cosmetics. Now foreign brands occupy up to 80 percent of this promising market.

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