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Named the main supplier of Apple products to Russia China remains the main supplier of Apple devices to Russia

China remains the main supplier of Apple brand products to Russia, despite deliveries from India, while sales of these devices have declined significantly, Alexey Pogudalov, commercial director of the online store, which also sells Apple products, told RIA Novosti.

From May to December, 1.46 million pieces of Apple products were sold in Russia, while in January 2022 alone, a little less than 650 thousand devices were sold. The amount brought from India amounted to a little 11% of that sold over the specified period. Perhaps the figure is 15% estimated … Of course, China remains the main supplier of Apple products,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, the Vedomosti newspaper, citing statistics from GS Group, wrote that parallel iPhone imports to Russia last year consisted of 15% of devices imported from India. From May to December 2022, it was specified in the material, 165 thousand of these smartphones were brought to the country from India, which is twice as much as for the same period in 2021 – then 70 thousand devices arrived, but this amounted to only 2.2% of the total import of these smartphones. smartphones in Russia.

At the same time, according to Pogudalov, sales of the Apple brand in Russia fell in 2022 by 47% compared to the previous year, which is twice as much as the market decline in the smartphone category as a whole. “We can say that the demand for this category has dropped significantly, and this is secondarily due to the shortage of devices. The main reason for the decline in demand, in my opinion, is savings from consumers and not doing more chasing fashionable gadgets at an overpriced price,” the expert concluded. .

Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, also told RIA Novosti that companies are considering different countries to purchase the iPhone, including India, since the country has an excess supply and adequate prices. “The problem is that India has a fairly high production of iPhone smartphones. At the same time, it is redundant, since there are no high sales in the country,” he explained.

According to the M.Video-Eldorado group, in total, in 2022, Russians purchased about 24 million smartphones in the Russian Federation, more than 65% of them were devices from Chinese manufacturers. The combined share of Samsung and Apple brands declined over the year from 45% to about 30%. The average check for 12 months amounted to about 22.5 thousand rubles, which is 5% lower than in 2021. In the ranking of the most popular brands among Russians in pieces, Xiaomi, which occupied the second line a year earlier, became the leader. Realme moved up from fourth to second position, Samsung was third, and Apple was fourth.

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