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Great Chinese self-sufficiency. Xi Jinping urges China to focus on science

Chinese leader Comrade Xi urged the country to triple its efforts in scientific research. This is especially true for fundamental science. The goal is to finally throw off the yoke of sanctions, those who are ahead are not afraid of sanctions.

“Self-sufficiency. We need to resist all sanctions, from semiconductors to software, Xi Jinping stressed. – We can”.

The Chinese authorities should support scientific research in order to form “strategic technology power” (strategic technology power), he said at a meeting of the Chinese politburo. This is reported by Xinhua News Agency.

In addition to general words on the topic of “strengthen, deepen support and ensure growth,” the head of China noted the importance of import substitution and pointed out the need to give priority to Chinese products. It is also expected to increase funding for scientific organizations and provide tax deductions to Chinese companies working in scientific areas. Thus, the sanctions of the Joe Biden administration stimulate the activity of independent Chinese science.

Recall that at one time, several years ago, the Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE fell under sanctions, allegedly for espionage. Further, large-scale sanctions were imposed against the Chinese semiconductor industry – in addition to the United States, they were joined by the Netherlands with ASML and Japan with Tokyo Electron. But, as the famous saying goes, a crisis sometimes brings new opportunities.

“It is necessary to wage a tough fight for the localization of scientific and technological equipment, operating systems and software,” the head of China stressed.

At present, Chinese scientists have focused not only on research and development, but also on obtaining patents in such fields as semiconductor products, materials, products and technologies. Not only to make, but also to patent. In addition, efforts are focused on artificial intelligence solutions and blockchain technology. But restrictions are by no means set, all research and development is important.

In addition, Xi Jinping urged to look for talents among high school students and nurture them carefully.

Another direction announced by the head of China is the search for partners in Europe in countries that are not so strongly influenced by the American administration. Recall, by the way, that the head of ASML, Peter Wennink, is desperately fighting for cooperation with China, emphasizing that they are businessmen, and their task is simply to sell more, and politicians interfere with this, reducing the company’s income and the ability to inject funds into R&D, which directly harms ASML business. It is possible that there are still companies in Europe that do not support US sanctions and are striving to establish technological cooperation, even if they do not announce it loudly. Thus, the Chinese authorities called on French companies not to go under the administration of Joe Biden, but to pursue their own independent technology policy.

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