Genes: migraine has been linked to blood sugar levels

Scientists at the Queensland University of Technology in  Australia have linked migraines to blood sugar levels. The results of the medical study were published in the journal Genes.

Researchers have studied the genomes of thousands of patients who suffer from migraine headaches. The authors tried to find genetic links between blood glucose levels and migraine. The fact is that this disease often goes hand in hand with type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hyperinsulinemia (excess insulin), and insulin resistance. However, before that, scientists could not establish the relationship between these diseases.

“We identified genetic correlations and shared loci and genes, established causation, and thus confirmed and improved our understanding of the relationship between migraine, headache, and glycemic characteristics,” the authors explained.

For example, fasting insulin levels and blood sugar levels are projected to be genetically related to both migraines and “normal” headaches. According to the authors, these results open up opportunities for the development of new strategies for the treatment of glycemic indicators in patients with migraine and headache, in particular, increasing fasting proinsulin levels to protect against headache.

Earlier, Gazeta.Ru published an interview with neurologist Baskova, who spoke about the unusual causes of headaches and how to stop them.

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