Doctors have called a drug that reduces the risk of ovarian cancer

Scientists from the US National Cancer Institute have found that taking aspirin daily for six months reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer, regardless of the genetic predisposition to the disease. The results of the study are published in  the journal JAMA Network Open.

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer in women. The risk of developing this type of cancer increases with obesity, with age, and with a genetic predisposition.

The authors analyzed data from eight studies to find out whether a genetic predisposition to cancer affects the effectiveness of aspirin. In total, scientists analyzed data on almost 4.5 thousand patients with various types of ovarian cancer.

The results of the analysis confirmed that frequent aspirin use was associated with a 13% reduction in the incidence of ovarian cancer. They also found that a genetic predisposition to ovarian cancer did not reduce the protective effect of frequent aspirin use.


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