Doctors called an affordable method of dealing with depression, which turned out to be better than drugs

Sports were one and a half times better than antidepressants, scientists from the University of South Australia found. The authors published the results of their study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Antidepressants and therapy with a psychotherapist are the main methods of dealing with symptoms of depression. Often sport supplements this list, however, it is not included in the list of the main methods of therapy, which, according to the authors, is erroneous.

The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of almost a hundred studies that included data on more than 130,000 people with depressive disorder. Physical activity for a few weeks has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. The most effective were high-intensity, but short sessions.

Moreover, training turned out to be one and a half times more effective than antidepressants and consultations with a specialist. According to the scientists, the results of their study indicate the importance of revisiting strategies for treating depression.

Earlier, Gazeta.Ru published an interview with psychiatrist Simutkin, who spoke about the difference between different types of depression, why they cannot be treated equally, and what new methods of therapy exist in our country.

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