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The expert gave advice on buying electric vehicles

Expert Uryukov warned Russians against buying electric vehicles through parallel imports

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. Preference in choosing the first electric car should be given to models with an extended range, produced in Russia, and not imported into the country through parallel imports, Yury Uryukov, an expert at the Autonet infrastructure center of the NTI based at the Moscow Poly, shared his opinion with RIA Novosti.
“Now battery cars are being actively imported to the Russian Federation under the parallel import scheme. But you need to understand that only models from official supplies are provided with full warranty and service support. In addition, when buying a “gray” copy, there is a chance to get an option that is completely unprepared for Russian cold weather – with a weak “stove” or, say, useless thermal insulation of batteries,” Uryukov said, speaking about the choice of the first electric car.

According to the expert, taking into account the fact that the charging infrastructure in Russia is only developing, it makes sense to pay attention to models with an increased power reserve. At the same time, it is worth considering that the conditional 400 kilometers for the NEDC and WLTP test cycles are two big differences. “It is not necessary to understand the technical details, just remember – in the second case, the maximum mileage declared by the seller without recharging will be much closer to reality,” he added.
The expert also noted that if the brand of an electric car does not matter, it is logical to ask the price of products of the domestic brand Evolute, which is covered by a state subsidy: a 25% discount (but not more than 625 thousand rubles). In addition, it is likely that the list of preferential models will be replenished with other cars localized in the Russian Federation: for example, the Moskvich 3e electric crossover.

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