Scientists have disproved the myth that twice boiled water is harmful to the body

Scientists from Beijing Normal University found that repeatedly boiled water is not harmful to the body. The results of the researchers’ work were published in The Journal of Water and Health.

Many are convinced that water that has been boiled more than once is undrinkable, as harmful compounds are formed in it. To test this, the authors conducted an experiment in which they boiled 15 liters of water 18 times until it completely evaporated. After each time, scientists cooled the liquid and took a sample of water to determine its suitability for consumption. The study lasted about 15 hours.

In particular, scientists checked the indicators of iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, chlorine and other elements, the taste properties of water, smell, and the presence of E. coli. As it turned out, all indicators were within the normal range, and the water was completely safe for humans.

Previously, Gazeta.Ru talked about the fact that water can cause aging of the body due to the minerals it contains.

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