Psychologists have named a sign by which relationship satisfaction can be determined

A study by psychologists from Concordia University in  Canada , published in  the journal Personal Relationships, showed that mentioning the pronouns “we” and “us” (hereinafter referred to as we-talk practice) when talking about events experienced together with a partner indicates greater relationship satisfaction.

The scientists came to this conclusion after conducting a meta-analysis of 30 we-talk studies. They also conducted their own work, which involved 77 couples with at least one child (acting as a stressor). All participants completed a relationship assessment survey and then spoke about the most difficult aspect of raising a child and its impact on the couple.

As it turned out, partners who used less we-talk practice experienced a decrease in marriage satisfaction over time. If the partners often used the pronouns “we” or “us”, then there was no decrease.

According to scientists, this pattern is explained by the fact that we-talk practice makes partners think of each other as a team. This, in turn, has a positive effect on marriage.

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