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Google employees deprived of desks in offices

CNBC: Google employees left without jobs and introduced to "desk mates"

Google employees were deprived of personal jobs – workers were asked to share their desks and alternate working days in the office with “desk mates.” This is reported by the CNBC TV channel , citing internal letters from the corporation.

The new office desk sharing model will begin in April 2023 at Google’s five largest  U.S. locations – Kirkland, New York , San Francisco , Seattle , and Sunnyvale .

“The majority of Google employees will now share a desk with one other Google employee,” the internal document says. According to the authors of the idea, employees will come to the same table on different days.

Workers were asked to coordinate dates with a desk mate and superiors to “ensure a positive work experience in the new shared environment.”

According to an internal document, if an employee comes to the office on a different day, then he will not have a personal workplace.

Some employees began to ridicule the way management tried to explain the measures in a positive light, pointing out the benefits of a hybrid work-from-office-from-home approach. “A simple ‘We’re downsizing office space to cut costs’ would make their leadership more believable,” one employee said in an internal email.

Earlier, a Google employee who worked at the company for 15 years and fell under massive layoffs spoke about the disadvantages of long-term work in the IT giant.

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