Doctors have proven the effectiveness of mistletoe extract to fight cancer

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that mistletoe extract can slow the progression of cancer. The results of the scientists’ work were published in  an article in the journal Cancer Research Communication.

White mistletoe is an evergreen shrub that parasitizes various deciduous tree species. It is mainly distributed in Europe and in the south of the European part of Russia . The plant is often used in traditional medicine for various diseases of the nervous system and cancer.

To prove or disprove the properties of mistletoe, scientists conducted an experiment. In the study, researchers administered mistletoe extract intravenously to 21 patients with advanced cancer.

According to the researchers, in this work they wanted to establish the safety of such a drug. The scientists started with 600 milligrams three times a week, then increased the dose. As a result of the 15-week experiment, in five patients the disease stabilized and did not progress, and in three subjects the tumors decreased in size.

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