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5 asteroids fly to Earth at once, one of which is the size of two football fields: what is known

NASA has presented a list of dangerous space rocks that will soon approach our planet.

NASA is constantly monitoring asteroids approaching Earth. Scientists who work at the Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects every day observe the movement of certain space rocks that may pose a threat to the Earth. Over the next 7 days, 5 fairly large asteroids will fly up to us at great speed at once, writes HiTech.

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Scientists from NASA have provided information about five asteroids dangerous for our planet, which will fly past our planet over the next week and should not cause any damage to it.

According to NASA classification, if an asteroid is more than 140 meters wide and flies closer to Earth than 7.5 million km, then such a space rock is considered potentially dangerous. It is believed that an asteroid even 100 meters in size can cause significant damage as a result of a fall on the planet. If the asteroid is at least 1 km wide, then this can lead to a global cataclysm.

Therefore, scientists from NASA daily observe near-Earth asteroids, the orbit of which intersects with the orbit of the Earth. Any sufficiently large space rock can change its flight path and thus fall onto the planet. In order to be ready for such a development of events, observations are being made of near-Earth space.

Although scientists are not always able to identify an asteroid that can enter the Earth’s atmosphere in time. As Focus already wrote , this happened two weeks ago when a small space rock was discovered just a few hours before it hit the planet.

According to scientists, more and more near-Earth asteroids in the near future will be located at a dangerous distance from the Earth. In the list of 5 asteroids that will soon approach the planet, the most dangerous is a stone with a width of 223 meters, which is twice as long as the length of a football field. This asteroid will also be located at a very close distance from the Earth.

  • First on the list is an asteroid called 2023 CG1, which is 32 meters wide. A space rock the height of a nine-story building on Saturday, February 25, will approach the Earth at a distance of 5.8 million km. Now he flies in space at a speed of 23,328 km / h.
  • And on Sunday, February 26, an asteroid called 2023 DA should fly past our planet. This stone, 18 meters wide, will be located at a distance of 1 million km from the Earth. This is almost three times farther than the Moon is. As for the speed of its flight, it is 21,132 km / h.
  • Monday 27th February is going to be really tough. The fact is that a potentially dangerous huge asteroid 2012 DK31 with a diameter of 143 meters will fly up to the Earth at a distance of 4.8 million km. Its speed is a staggering 55,944 km/h.
  • For the fourth day in a row, that is, on Tuesday, February 28, a 145-meter asteroid called 2006 BE55 should fly past the Earth. On this day, it will be located at a distance of 3.5 ml km from our planet, and its flight speed is 47,936 km/h.
  • And finally, exactly one week later, on Friday, March 3, the most dangerous asteroid from this list called 2007 ED125 will approach the Earth at a distance of 4.4 million km. Its flight speed is also impressive – 47,032 km / h.

Three of the above asteroids, both in size and distance from our planet, fit the designation “potentially dangerous asteroid”. Although NASA believes that all these 5 space rocks will bypass the Earth, do not forget that space is an unpredictable place.

Therefore, as Focus already wrote , scientists warn that invisible asteroids can collide with the Earth at any moment.

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