Take care of your heart. Single men are twice as likely to die from heart failure

A new study suggests that a happy marriage is actually the key to a longer, healthier life.

Bad news for bachelors: Married men are half as likely to die from heart failure within five years of diagnosis. The researchers suggest this may be because they are less likely to have someone else look after their health .

For the study, researchers at the University of Colorado analyzed data from 6,800 American adults aged 45 and over from an existing study. The researchers then compared these data with the records of 94 volunteers who were medically diagnosed with heart failure.

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In total, scientists followed the recipients for about 5 years. Scientists are now confident their findings add to the growing body of evidence highlighting the health benefits of marriage, including a reduced risk of dementia, type 2 diabetes, and now the risk of death from heart failure.

The results of the study suggest that inveterate bachelors are about 2.2 times more likely to die within five years of diagnosis than married men. At the same time, scientists did not find a similar pattern in women.

Note that heart failure, unlike a heart attack, is a chronic condition in which the heart can no longer pump blood effectively due to muscle weakness. Symptoms include fatigue and shortness of breath, and patients are often hospitalized due to the severity of the condition. The main difficulty lies in the fact that today there is no cure for this disease in the world, and statistics show that only half of patients with a similar diagnosis live more than 5 years after it was made.

The authors of the study assure that social interaction and isolation play an important role in the mood and overall health of a person. What’s more, researchers now say healthcare professionals need to consider marital status when treating patients with heart failure.

Scientists believe that such sad statistics may be based on the fact that men can rely on women to take care of their health and remind them to take their medications. According to University of Colorado Resident Physician and study lead author Dr. Katarina Leiba, the results suggest that clinicians need to treat patients not only in terms of medical factors, but also the context of their lives.

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