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Singapore has developed a smart insole that monitors the safety of workers

A team of engineers from the National University of Singapore are working with FlexoSense to create a wearable device, an electronically-filled smart shoe insole that includes a GPS module, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a pressure sensor.

While the GPS module captures the user’s location, the IMU and sensors respond to “abnormal” foot movements and changes in pressure on the insole surface. Special algorithms analyze the received information in real time, allowing you to instantly determine that the user has slipped or fallen. The exact moment and place of the “accident” can then be seen on the smartphone, where the corresponding application is loaded.

In the future, with such information, employers will be able to identify high-risk places at work and make them safer, and workers who often stumble or fall due to health reasons can be transferred to areas with less risk.


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