Scientists Evaluate Beta-Alanine Supplement for Reducing Stress Response

Scientists at Ariel University have found that beta-alanine supplements have no proven efficacy in improving performance under stress. The study is published in the journal Nutrients .

Scientists have studied supplementation with the amino acid beta-alanine on soldiers who are subjected to significant physical and psychological stress. This non-essential amino acid is produced in the liver and is involved in muscle function. Animal studies have previously shown that taking beta-alanine increases physical endurance in rodents, reduces inflammation, and alleviates symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A review of the available studies by scientists has shown that there is no strong evidence for improvements in cognitive performance (such as reaction time) with beta-alanine supplementation. However, the opposite has not been proven either, so more research is needed.

There is also limited evidence of an increase in interleukin 10 (IL-10) levels when taking beta-alanine before intense training. This suggests that β-alanine may be a promising anti-inflammatory agent. Scientists believe that the supplement has no proven effectiveness yet, but deserves further research and may be a means to increase performance and reduce the side effects of stress.

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