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Nvidia and other chip companies are racing to chase the ChatGPT business opportunity

For semiconductor manufacturers, these new tools have the potential to generate tens of billions of dollars in net sales annually if widely adopted.

Chipmakers are buzzing about the latest buzz in tech: artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can generate text with the tiniest of prompts, require massive computing power to run and promise lucrative new revenue streams.

For semiconductor makers, the new tools could generate tens of billions of dollars in annual net sales if widely adopted, analysts estimate.

Ever since San Francisco-based OpenAI released a chatbot called ChatGPT late last year, excitement over so-called generative AI has reached fever pitch. The technology has attracted users by generating convincingly real, if sometimes inaccurate, feedback and has attracted billions of dollars in investment from Microsoft Corp. ( MSFT ) and other investors.

Nvidia, America’s most valuable chip company…

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