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Microsoft delivers new version of Bing search engine to Apple and Android mobile devices

Microsoft, which supplies an upgraded Bing search engine to Apple Inc's iPhone and Google's Android mobile devices, continued to ramp up its rollout of the system after some early problems.

Microsoft Corp. , MSFT , which provides an updated Bing search engine to Apple Inc. , AAPL , and Google Android mobile devices, continues to ramp up deployment of the system after some early problems. The updated version of Bing uses the technology behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT.

Microsoft said in a blog post that it will release new versions of its Bing app and Edge browser for smartphones and tablets on Wednesday, giving users ready access to an updated version of its search engine.

The company also said it would add voice capabilities to Bing, as the ability to issue voice commands or speak questions rather than type them was one of the most requested features by early testers of the system. Microsoft said it also plans to integrate the technology into its 20-year-old video-calling app Skype, allowing users to search for information and share it with others in group discussions.


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