Antivirus gate for additional protection of electronic medical records

Hospital IT: HIS-independent data security solution from gematik and Rhön-Klinikum.

The electronic patient file (ePA) is a secure digital home for all health data. In order to protect them comprehensively, incoming data must be treated with the necessary attention. That is why gematik, together with the Rhön-Klinikum, has developed a solution that is specially tailored to the requirements of everyday clinical work. This involves the integration of virus protection, which checks documents from the ePA within the hospital network for malware before they are executed in the hospital information system (HIS).

The anti-virus gate adds another level of security to the existing virus protection on the client system, which minimizes the execution of virus-infected documents from the EMR. The aim is to set up the solution product-independent and open source so that it can be used in any system or hospital in order to meet the data security and data protection requirements of hospitals.

“Together we have developed a solution that can be adopted by any hospital in Germany and integrated into their IT environment. As a result, the virus protection check takes place in an upstream, protected IT environment and not just in the hospital information system, the IT heart of a hospital,” says Julian Schäfer, team leader for medical specialist systems & eHealth at RHÖN-KLINIKUM IT Service.


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