Veterinary oncologist Kablukov told how often you need to show the dog to the doctor

A young animal under ten years old is enough to show the veterinarian once a year, and the elderly – once every six months. This was told to Gazeta.Ru by veterinary oncologist Alexander Kablukov.

“Until the age of ten, we recommend taking the animal to the doctor once a year: vaccinations, blood tests, examinations and abdominal ultrasounds. Sometimes x-rays of the lungs are taken, but this method is not informative for detecting cancer or metastases. After ten years, the animal needs to be examined twice a year,” Kablukov said.

A new study from US scientists  may change the recommendations: they found that some dogs get cancer at an earlier age. Early cancer has been found in dogs weighing over 75 kilograms, unneutered, males, and some breeds, including mastiffs, St. Bernards, Great Danes, and bulldogs. Animals at risk should probably be more carefully examined at a young age.

Read more about the propensity of various breeds to cancerous tumors in  the material “Gazety.Ru”.

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