Veterinarian Kablukov told which breeds of dogs are prone to cancer of the lymph and bones

Some breeds are prone to developing certain types of cancer, for example, giant dogs often suffer from tumors that affect the bones, and pugs often suffer from cancer of the lymphoid tissues. This was told to Gazeta.Ru by veterinary oncologist Alexander Kablukov.

“There are breeds that have dangerous mutations in the TP53 gene (regulates the production of the p53 protein), for example, various types of retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. These dogs are often prone to developing malignant tumors, with a genetic risk of up to 51%. Scottish Terriers have a high risk of bladder cancer. German boxers, Dobermans and Rottweilers are prone to lymphomas, pugs are prone to mastocytomas, and German shepherds are prone to hemangiosarcomas, that is, tumors of the vascular tissue. Giant breeds have a high risk of osteosarcomas affecting the bones. Therefore, if you have a Great Dane lame, any lameness should be considered as a manifestation of osteosarcoma until the opposite is proven, ”Kablukov explained.

The doctor also noted that it is possible to suspect cancer in a dog by reducing the animal’s body weight and fatigue. In this case, it is more important not to lose weight in itself, but to reduce muscle mass.

Read more about how to reduce the risk of developing cancer in a dog in  the Gazeta.Ru article .

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