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The European Commission banned the use of TikTok on corporate mobile phones

The European Commission temporarily banned the use of the TikTok app on corporate devices

BRUSSELS, Feb 23 – PRIME The European Commission (EC) has suspended the ability to use the TikTok mobile app on corporate devices, an EC spokesperson said at a briefing.

The European Commission’s Corporate Governance Council has decided to suspend the use of the TikTok mobile app on corporate devices, as well as on personal devices registered in the European Commission’s mobile device system,” she said.

“The reasons why the decision was made is to increase the cybersecurity of the European Commission. The measure is also aimed at protecting the European Commission from cybersecurity threats and actions that can be used to cyberattack the Commission’s corporate environment,” she added.

The European Commission does not have its own TikTok account, the EC said.

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