The endocrinologist called 3 steps that will help not lose muscle strength in old age

Strength training, balanced nutrition and vitamin D will help reduce the risk of age-related sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass during aging). Yulia Onuchina, Candidate of Medical Sciences, endocrinologist, told Gazeta.Ru about this.

“Age-related sarcopenia is manifested by a decrease in the amount of muscle mass, strength and function of muscle tissue. The body becomes flabby, there is “no strength” in the arms and legs, it is difficult to maintain balance. It is known that starting from the age of 30, a person experiences a gradual loss of muscle mass: in one decade of life, approximately 8% is lost. After 70 years, this figure rises to 15%, in the end, by the age of 80, a person can lose more than half of his muscle mass, ”said Onuchina.

A recent study by a scientist from the University of Örebro showed that people can significantly reduce their risk of sarcopenia by starting light weight-bearing exercises in their 40s and 50s. This was reported on  the website of the university. As Onuchina noted, physical activity is an effective way to prevent sarcopenia, but not the only one.

“The main methods for preventing and slowing down sarcopenia are optimal protein intake (rational nutrition), vitamin D intake, physical training. Vitamin D supplementation has been found to prevent the development of sarcopenia, muscle dysfunction, and the risk of falls in the elderly. As for training, it is worth alternating cardio and strength training. According to Chris Crowley, a well-known specialist in a healthy lifestyle in old age, aerobic exercises save our lives by preventing a heart attack, and strength exercises make it more worthy by strengthening bones and joints, ”Onuchina explained.

The doctor also added that for healthy aging already in middle age, it is necessary to monitor the level of cholesterol, low-density lipids and glucose in the blood, as well as blood pressure.

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