Russian students created a device for determining vitamin deficiency at home

Russian students have created a device to determine the lack of vitamins in the body. This is reported by TASS with reference to the platform of the National Technology Initiative.

“ RUDN University students have developed a set of devices for blood testing at home: a pen for piercing the skin on a finger and a multifunctional glucometer that allows you to determine the excess or deficiency of vitamins and microelements in the body, as well as the level of sugar in the blood. The third component of the system is a mobile application that, based on these indicators, creates an individual menu for the week, taking into account the individual restrictions of each user,” the platform’s press service explained.

Yi Yoon Hee, one of the participants in the project, hopes that their device will allow people to fight obesity and eating disorders. This can be achieved by early warning of these diseases, as the device will indicate the malnutrition causing them. Testing of the device is scheduled for the next two years, production will begin in 2025. In addition, the same development team plans to create a saliva analyzer to determine the antioxidant oxidation strength. This is one of the important indicators of the body, carrying information about the general condition of the body and the state of the oral cavity.

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