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Named possible dates for the test launch of the Vulcan launch vehicle

ULA: First test launch of Vulcan launch vehicle won't take place until May

PRIME The first test launch of the Vulcan launch vehicle will not take place until May, United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno said at a briefing on Thursday. 

“Now we are planning a launch in May,” he said. At least until mid-April, the head of the company said, there will be pre-flight tests. During the first certification flight, the rocket is supposed to deliver several spacecraft into orbit, including prototypes of the Kuiper Internet satellites, a project that Amazon is implementing.

The newest launch vehicle, equipped with the American Blue Origin BE-4 engine, has been created since 2014. It is planned that it will replace the Atlas V and Delta IV Heavy launch vehicles equipped with the Russian RD-180 engine used today for launches by NASA and the US Defense Department.

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