The Voskhod Foundation invested 2 billion rubles in Far Eastern projects

The Voskhod venture fund, created by the Interros Group owned by Vladimir Potanin at the end of 2021, has invested 2 billion rubles in high-tech projects in the Far East in just over a year, Interros reports .

The purpose of the fund is to support high-tech start-ups in the Far East, aimed at solving the problems facing the industry. The fund invests in deeptech projects at the commercialization and scaling stages. The fund’s support covers various areas: biotechnology and medicine, robotics, new mobility, green technologies, agricultural technologies and food tech, micro- and optoelectronics.

For example, the Voskhod Foundation invested 150 million rubles in the Sciberia medical neural network in Yakutia.

Interros plans to allocate 10 billion rubles over five years to support the fund’s projects.

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