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The first multiplexer in Russia, developed at ZNTC, is being prepared for mass production.

Specialists of the Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center (a resident of the Moscow SEZ), also known as ZNTC, are preparing to start mass production of the first Russian-designed multiplexers, due to which the data transfer rate can be increased by 30 or even 40 times without any special costs.


ZNTC engineers have already received a number of first samples of crystals of promising development, and now they are carrying out preparatory work to launch mass production. This year, it is planned to eventually produce about 300 units, and by 2025 ZNTC is going to reach the level of 5,000 units annually.

It is also clarified that the domestic multiplexer, which has no analogues of this kind in the country, ensures the transmission of 44 digital information streams over one fiber optic line, as a result of which the overall efficiency of the functioning of Internet networks increases without major modernization. At the same time, the development and production of the entire component base is carried out at the ZNTC itself.

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