The doctor told how to cook healthy pancakes for Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is in full swing, and what is Maslenitsa without pancakes. No matter how they are made, however, even such a tasty and nutritious product, consisting only of flour, milk and eggs, can be harmful. Elena Trofimenko, a therapist at the VSK Digital Clinic, told why you shouldn’t overeat pancakes and how best to cook them.

Excessive consumption of pancakes can adversely affect health, since this dish contains a high content of animal fats and simple carbohydrates. Excess calories can lead to weight gain and, as a result, diabetes. And the increase in “bad” cholesterol – to atherosclerosis of blood vessels and diseases of the cardiovascular system. To minimize risks, you need to follow a few rules.

First, do not be lazy and bake pancakes yourself. Semi-finished products, which are now in abundance in stores, often contain various food additives, flavors and preservatives.

Secondly, it is better to use vegetable oil instead of butter, and do not add sugar at all. This will help reduce the calorie content of the product.


The third is stuffing. As a filling, protein ingredients are preferable – lean meat, fish, cottage cheese. Or fruits and berries. Toppings with a high content of fat and sugar (jams, caramel, chocolate paste) are more harmful due to their high calorie content.Finally, you need to keep in mind that pancakes are not a snack or dessert, but a full meal. “The calorie content of one thin pancake without filling is 150 kcal, and with the addition of filling – 200 kcal or more,” the doctor says. “Therefore, at one meal, you can eat 2-3 pancakes with filling, which will be approximately 30 percent of the daily calorie intake.”

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