Stanislav Tkachev became the director of the project management department at Edit Pro

He has many years of experience in the field of system integration and implementation of projects using 1C products.

Last fall, Borlas Group and Edit Pro merged 1C practices in order to build a digital business transformation center based on domestic solutions. Current and future IT projects will be implemented within the framework of common approaches, methodologies and common tools. For this, a project management department was formed.

The activities of the new division are aimed at structuring projects for the implementation of 1C products, providing a uniform service, monitoring deadlines, budgets and resources.

Now the project management department has more than 15 project managers. The division is constantly expanding. At the same time, organizational and methodological work is being carried out to build the processes of conducting project activities.

Stanislav Tkachev joined Edit Pro in December 2022. He graduated from the Astrakhan State Technical University with a degree in Automation of Technological Processes and Production. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in projects for the development and implementation of 1C software products.

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