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Seabricks will help anyone build their own home in the ocean

The Canadian company Seabrick has presented an innovative building material designed for the construction of offshore structures. First of all – quick-assembly floating platforms, which can serve as the basis for the construction of any other buildings on them. These are a kind of “sea bricks”, a ready-made basic element for constructing various architectural objects.

The idea goes back to the concept of “seeding” – the creation of floating settlements that belong to no one but their owners. They drift in neutral waters and are territories where the laws of no country apply. Residents of such floating cities determine their own way of life, can unite in communities, build entire megacities – or, conversely, at any time detach their personal island and sail away.

The latter requirement has become a key factor in the development of “sea bricks”, which work on the principle of a children’s designer. Parts are easily connected to each other and also easily disconnected, they can be used to build structures of any size – within reasonable limits. The material is waterproof, with positive buoyancy, but most importantly, it is cheaper than metal pontoons by 53%, floating concrete by 72% and offshore aluminum platforms by 83%.

These bricks are made from kelp algae by collecting plants thrown ashore. There they rot and create unsanitary conditions, so the timely disposal of algae will bring additional benefits. Dried and crushed seaweed, together with chemical additives, turns into a solution and is poured into a mold, and after cooling it is covered with non-toxic plastic. The new marine bricks are reported to be completely environmentally friendly 

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