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Russia is preparing an improved “anti-drone” system “Protection”

Specialists of Ruselectronics (part of Rostec) are preparing an upgraded version of the “anti-drone” system called Zashchita, designed to detect UAV control signals in an extended frequency range up to 8 GHz. The premiere of the novelty will take place during the work of the Army-2023 forum.


Initially, this mobile complex, which, by the way, is invisible to the radar and is resistant to radio frequency jamming, could detect signals at frequencies not exceeding 6 GHz, but with the advent of new models of drones that are controlled at frequencies above 6 GHz, they decided to upgrade the Zashchita .

The Zashchita complex differs from dome systems in that it provides precise suppression of drones in a predetermined frequency subrange. It is placed in several fairly compact cases, and it takes more than 30 minutes to bring it into working form.

In addition, “Protection” can determine aircraft and their type at distances up to 12 km with a 360 ° view, as well as calculate the location of the remote control from which they are controlled, and break communication channels and signals of navigation systems at frequencies from 400 MHz to 6 GHz


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