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Reksoft Consulting and NES Launch Digital Transformation Course

Reksoft Consulting, a member of Vladimir Potanin’s Interros Group, and the Russian School of Economics are launching a joint educational project — the Digital Transformation Management course. It will become part of the NES master’s program Finance, Investments, Banking and will be held with the support of the Interros Group.


The course will consist of three modules: “Introduction to Digital Transformation”, “Disruptive Technologies” and a final module with case studies on digital transformation in various functional areas: procurement, sales and marketing, personnel management, and more. The course will conclude with a group project where students will present their digital transformation proposals for the selected organization.

Top managers of companies that are part of the Interros Group will be guest lecturers in all blocks of the course and will introduce students to the digital transformation and digitalization of Norilsk Nickel, Rosbank, the Atomize blockchain platform and the Voskhod venture fund.

Reksoft Consulting and NES will also develop the career direction: inform students about current vacancies and internships and hold events to develop students’ leadership skills.

“The initiative to create a course on digital transformation is aimed at joint enrichment, because it is at the intersection of academic knowledge and what we can give from a practical point of view that what the economy needs now is born. We, on the basis of Reksoft Consulting, with the participation of the Interros ecosystem, will choose the best practices of the Group’s projects. We will make a build that will optimally cover all the important areas that need to be developed. We have a unique chance to create something new. Technological trends suggest that new solutions can be created on the basis of intellectual potential, and not on the potential of large corporations. It makes no sense to make a bad bike, it makes sense to make a good spaceship right away,” commented Andrey Skorochkin, General Director of Reksoft Consulting.

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