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Jewelry chain Sunlight will launch a domestic analogue of Tinder

Jewelry chain Sunlight will launch a domestic analogue for dating Tinder in March

The Sunlight jewelry chain is developing a Russian analogue of the Tinder dating service, which is scheduled to launch in March 2023, the company told RIA Novosti.

“Sunlight is launching a dating service on its mobile app, it will be a next-generation service on the Sunlight Play platform, conceptually combining TikTok and Tinder into one app. It is the world’s first video chatting and social networking interest-based dating product fully integrated into e-commerce “, the message says.

The press service of the company noted that the name for the new product has not yet been chosen, but “the launch will take place in March.”

The application will be completely free, and the interface will be familiar through the use of swipes, Sunlight added.

“Sunlight sees great potential in video. It is faster, more convenient, safer to communicate and get to know each other in this format… The social part will become a unique feature – you can immediately see a person on the video, find out his interests and accumulated social capital, and also communicate using circles… without the need to disclose your phone and other data,” the company concluded.

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