Hydrogen bike from China to replace e-bikes

Bike rental Youon

The Chinese bicycle manufacturer Youon has developed a fuel cell folding bike. By 2025, the company aims to produce 200,000 of these bikes annually.


Changzhou (China). Chinese bicycle manufacturer and rental company Youon has developed a hydrogen-powered folding bike, according to a China Daily report. According to the company, the fuel cell e-bike should be an alternative to conventional electric bikes with lithium batteries. The biggest advantage of the drive system is that there is no need to charge the battery for a long time. The hydrogen, on the other hand, can be refueled in just a few minutes.

So far, Youon has only published a few technical details about the fuel cell folding bike. All that is known is that the bicycle has a compact hydrogen fuel cell and a low-pressure hydrogen storage tank. Thanks to its folding mechanism, it should be easy to transport on trains and in cars.

Folding bike with hydrogen fuel cell

Once the proton exchange membrane contains hydrogen from the tank, the fuel cell begins producing water for the bike’s electric motor. A small amount of water is produced as the end product.

As with a conventional pedelec with a battery, the Youon fuel cell folding bike cuts off the power supply at a speed of 24 km/h. The range and weight of the bike are not yet known.


200,000 hydrogen bikes per year

Youon initially wants to produce 50,000 hydrogen bicycles per year. The number is to be increased to 200,000 bicycles per year by 2025. The first bikes are scheduled to leave the factory in China in March 2023.

The prices of the bike and the low-pressure hydrogen cassette are not yet known. Youon has not yet announced whether the low-pressure hydrogen cartridge can be refilled.

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