Godzilla egg. A metal ball washed up on a beach in Japan, alarming local authorities

An unusual object was discovered on Enshu Beach, which has spawned a string of conspiracy theories.

A large metal ball washed up on the shore of Enshu Beach in Japan, which locals and social media users have already called Godzilla’s egg, writes Gizmodo .

The ball was first discovered by a woman during a morning walk along the beach, and she informed the local authorities about the find. Another local resident, in a commentary to the Japanese media, said that he did not understand why the ball caused such a stir, since it had been lying on the shore for a long time.

“I even tried to move it, but I didn’t succeed,” the man said.

Local media also write that the diameter of the metal ball is approximately 1.5 meters.

News of the find launched a flurry of discussions on social networks, among which there were many conspiracy theories. One of the most popular speculations is that a “Godzilla egg” washed up on a Japanese beach. Others have gone further and claimed that a dragon’s egg has been found.

More realistic commentators worried that the metal balloons had something to do with the spy balloons that were also seen over Japanese territory. One of these was recently shot down over the United States. Of course, there were also those who claim that the found sphere can be connected with UFOs.

The Japanese authorities, apparently, at first thought that a mine could have been washed ashore. Explosives were sent to the scene. But scanning the ball showed that it was hollow and non-explosive.

Despite statements from the authorities, the area with the unusual find is still cordoned off and the authorities cannot yet say for sure what exactly floated out of the ocean.

According to the preliminary version, the metal ball is a mooring buoy, if we take into account the rust covering it and the two metal handles on it. As a result, it was decided to keep the ball for a while so that the owner could take it.

If no one comes for the ball, then it will be moved to a safe place where it will be destroyed. At the moment, the Japanese armed forces and representatives of the coast guard are studying the found sphere.

Recall that recently a balloon flew over the territory of the United States, which was launched by the Chinese military. Focus looked into why China is using World War II technology .

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