Doctors have figured out how middle-aged people prepare muscles for healthy aging

A scientist from the University of Örebro found that simple strength training at 40-50 years old can significantly reduce the risk of muscle loss with aging. This was reported on  the website of the university.

Loss of muscle mass, strength and physical function is a natural part of aging. This condition is called sarcopenia, and it often leads to a reduced quality of life, increased risk of falls, and impaired metabolism.

In his doctoral dissertation, Yort Wien studied the relationship between low-intensity physical activity (slow walks and light gardening) and muscle loss in the elderly.

The study involved 235 elderly people aged 65 to 70 years. They were followed for almost 10 years. Replacing ten minutes of sitting daily with light physical activity significantly reduced the risk of developing sarcopenia.

People who already do at least 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise per week can also reduce their risk of sarcopenia with light strength training, including yoga and qigong. By adding just two days of strength training per week, they reduced their risk of sarcopenia.

According to WHO recommendations , older people should be physically active for at least 2.5 hours a week. A new study has shown that longer workouts – from five hours a week – bring even more benefits.

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