American scientists have confirmed that the brain of girls develops faster

American scientists have found significant differences in the structure of the brain of boys and girls during their growing up. It is reported by TASS.

To conduct the study, a sample of 8.9 thousand children aged 9-10 years was compiled. Their parents were asked to periodically bring their children for brain scans using an MRI machine. Scientists were interested in changes in the structure of gray and white matter in the brain, as well as gender differences in these changes. As a result, it was possible to confirm the long-standing hypothesis that the ways of development of the male and female brain are significantly different. In particular, significant differences were recorded in the structure and pace of development of the network of the passive mode of the brain, which plays an important role in the functioning of the brain during inactivity.

As a rule, girls were characterized by a higher density of connections between neurons in this network, as well as an increased density of white matter in the regions of the brain associated with it. According to scientists, this reflects the fact that the brain of girls and girls, on average, matures faster than the nervous system of boys and boys. Scientists have identified similar patterns when comparing the degree of “adulthood” of the brain and the level of intellectual development of children.

The discovery of these differences in the nature of brain development in girls and boys explains the existence of age-related differences in the cognitive abilities of schoolchildren and schoolgirls.

Previously, archaeologists discovered the tomb of two wealthy brothers who had access to ancient “neurosurgery”.

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