All for growth. Scientists have named a product that affects the growth of children

Children whose diet contains this product daily are more likely to grow taller.

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for children this is especially important when it comes to eggs. Research shows that eggs are an important food item for young children, which can help them become one of the tallest students in their class.

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis conducted an experiment with infants between the ages of six and nine months in Ecuador, writes Study Finds . Some randomly selected participants were instructed to add one egg to their diet every day for six months, while others were part of a control group that did not eat eggs.

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Later it turned out that the group of babies who consumed eggs daily were 47% less likely to suffer from stunting, that is, slow growth. What’s more, 74 percent were less likely to be underweight than the control group.

“We were surprised at how effective this intervention was,” said lead researcher Laura Iannotti in a statement. “The effect size was 0.63 compared to a global average of 0.39.”

It should also be noted that the levels of sugar intake among the participants in the test group were limited, which may have skewed the results. However, this study offers a solution to malnutrition in regions where proper nutrition is not available, as eggs not only offer a balanced meal that is easy to find, but often come in safe packaging.

“Allergic reactions to eggs were carefully monitored in our study, but no incidents were observed or reported by caregivers during weekly home visits,” Jannotti adds. “Eggs appear to be a viable and recommended food source for children in developing countries.”

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