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A functional tactical flashlight has been developed in Crimea

Specialists of the Crimean Federal University (KFU), subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, have developed a functional budgetary tactical flashlight, taking into account the requirements of real users. The battery of the flashlight can be charged from a regular USB, and its cost is lower than analogues.

“Our challenge was to create a tactical flashlight that would be significantly cheaper than those on the market and still be suitable for safe use in difficult conditions. In particular, we have implemented the ability to adjust the lighting power from normal to minimum, and for LEDs of all colors. In addition, if not used for five seconds, the device automatically goes into “power down” mode to save battery,” said Vladimir Ovcharenko, head of the FabLab laboratory at KFU.

To create a prototype in an inexpensive and convenient body of a simple flashlight, the developers integrated a self-assembled control board. Bright white light was not used, limited to blue and red LEDs. The specially designed firmware of the ATtiny13 microcontroller allows you to control the turning on, switching and dimming of the LEDs with a single button. The battery of the flashlight can be charged from a regular USB.

“There are similar devices on the market, but their price can reach 10-15 thousand rubles. The approximate cost of our tactical flashlight is 2000 rubles. We ourselves manufacture boards from foil fiberglass, which is produced in Russia, and this affects the cost. In addition, when buying an expensive flashlight, the buyer overpays for the brand and the word “tactical”. And non-brand, cheaper flashlights do not have the functionality necessary for the end user,” Vladimir Ovcharenko specified.

In the future, the developers plan to add dark yellow LEDs to the device. The project is being implemented as part of the Priority 2030 program of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, which is one of the state support measures for universities under the Science and Universities national project. Scientists from the Crimean Federal University received a patent for a program for controlling a tactical flashlight.

The industrial partner is Smardis LLC, which specializes in software development, including in the field of information security.

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