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The Saudis intend to build a giant cube-shaped skyscraper and fill it with holographic worlds

Saudi Arabia has managed to implement several large-scale architectural projects in recent years . But Prince Mohammed bin Salman is setting new and daunting challenges for engineers. This time, he plans to build another skyscraper in Riyadh, claiming to be the most unusual building in the world. It will be made in the form of a giant cube with a side of a quarter of a mile. The skyscraper was named Mukaab, although its construction has not yet begun.


The facility is reported to provide over 2 million square meters of living space. Almost everything will be located here, from tourist attractions and branded hotels to residential areas and offices of commercial firms. But the fantasticness of Mukaaba is not only in size and area. The building’s designers want to make it the perfect place to immerse yourself in digital and virtual worlds.

Inside, several completely different holographic worlds will be created. Getting here, a person will be able to be transported in an instant to Mars, deep under water or into the distant future. In fact, it will be a unique virtual planetarium. However, the project has already begun to cause concern among the “green” – it is not yet known how environmentally friendly it will be. According to the schedule, the Mukaab cubic skyscraper should be completed by 2030.


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