Yakut scientists conducted an autopsy of the carcass of an ancient bear aged 3,460 years

In Yakutia , an autopsy of a 3,460-year-old bear carcass took place. This is reported by TASS with reference to scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University.

“This is the first fossil bear found that has preserved soft tissue. Prior to this, all discovered fossil remains of the predator were represented only by skulls and some bones,” Maxim Cheprasov, head of the Mammoth Museum laboratory, told the agency.

The operation took place as part of an international scientific seminar, which was organized with the participation of the UAE Biotechnology Research Foundation . According to experts, this is the first opportunity in history to explore such a find. An autopsy is necessary to take histological samples, as well as microflora and viruses. In addition, biologists will conduct a comprehensive study of the anatomy of the animal and extract its brain for study. It is also important for scientists to find out the cause of the death of the bear, and the contents of the stomach will make it possible to understand what the beast ate.

Earlier, Russian scientists reported the capture of Eurasia by domestic turtles from two sides.

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