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Truck conversion improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel consumption

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A Dutch research team is helping to reduce truck fuel consumption and protect the environment. A simple attachment to the rear of an articulated lorry can already reduce fuel consumption by up to 7.5 percent.


Delft (Netherlands). The cost of fuel has risen drastically in recent years. Now, thanks to a simple but ingenious invention by Dutch engineers, hauliers can reduce the fuel consumption of their articulated lorries by up to 7.5 percent.

It is not the first invention of this kind that Gandert van Raemdonck and his colleagues from the Technical University in Delft are presenting to the public. A few years ago, the researchers presented an aerodynamic side panel for the chassis, which reduced the fuel consumption of trucks. The current invention is a simple but effective attachment to the rear of an articulated lorry. Before that, numerous experiments on the exact shape, size and length were evaluated in the wind tunnel. A one-year test drive then brought the hoped-for confirmation: a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 7.5 percent.

How the cultivation works is simple; Strong air turbulence occurs behind the rear when driving, which creates a suction. The engine of the truck not only has to drive its own weight and that of its load, it also has to constantly move against the suction. The funnel-shaped taper minimizes turbulence and thus reduces consumption.


Thanks to this invention, freight forwarders can save several thousand euros a year. The environment is also on the winning side, because the reduced fuel emissions mean that fewer pollutants are released into the environment.

In combination with the previously tested side panels, the researchers hope to be able to reduce the fuel consumption of articulated lorries by a total of 20 percent.

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