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The expert spoke about the dangers of duties on the import of smart cards into Russia

Expert Boyko: duties on the import of smart cards into Russia lead to an increase in costs for manufacturers

Duties on the import of smart cards with embedded microcircuits into Russia, if introduced, may lead to an increase in the costs of domestic manufacturers for their purchase, while the volume of imports of smart cards may decrease, Alexey Boyko, an analyst at MForum Analytics, shared his opinion with RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Kommersant newspaper wrote that Russian electronics and semiconductor manufacturers are asking to impose duties on the import of smart cards (SIM cards, bank and transport cards) in the amount of 50 to 100%, the corresponding appeal of the Association of ANO “Telecommunication Technologies” ( ANO TT, unites Rostelecom, Element, Rostec and others) sent it to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“For Russian business, this will mean an increase in the cost of purchasing smart cards, which will be later transferred to Russian consumers,” Boyko said. In addition, according to the expert, if the proposal is accepted, “we will be able to observe a reduction in imports of smart cards to Russia.”

As the expert noted, the difference in quality characteristics between domestic and foreign smart cards is large. “Russian manufacturers want to give a handicap to all competitors from China in order to become at least a little more competitive and get more orders from Russian companies,” Boyko concluded.

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