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Numbers, facts and background information on the pandemic

The number of diagnosed Covid-19 cases worldwide has increased to a good 673.2 million, and the number of deaths is a good 6.8 million. A total of 13.2 billion vaccine doses have been administered so far. In the list below we have summarized all reports about the corona virus and the pandemic for you.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany was good overall37,8 Millions of Covid-19 cases diagnosed, including 20,502 new infections reported since the previous day. The seven-day incidence per 100,000 population is 97, the national average. A total of 166,999 people have died, with 124 new deaths reported in the past 24 hours. 76.3 percent of the population are fully vaccinated, 62.6 percent have received at least one booster vaccination.

Most cases worldwide were in the USA with a good 102.9 million Covid patients. 24.6 million cases were reported in Great Britain and a good 39.7 million in France. The number of unreported cases could be significant anywhere.

A map of the worldwide case numbers from Johns Hopkins University can be found here , a map of the German case numbers from the Robert Koch Institute here . An overview of the vaccination progress in Germany can be found on the vaccination dashboard .

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