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Russians warned about scammers with “cunning” numbers

Lawyer Solovyov: scammers began to use foreign numbers similar to Russian ones

A few months ago, domestic mobile operators stopped providing the service of replacing foreign numbers with Russian ones, which made the life of telephone scammers more difficult. But they thought about it and eventually found an unexpected way out, Ivan Solovyov, an honored lawyer of Russia, told the Prime agency.

Now they are replacing foreign numbers with foreign ones, but similar, at first glance, with Russian ones. These are the numbers with the telephone codes of Liechtenstein +423, Norway +472, Turkey +905. Japanese numbers starting with + 8 are also actively used. The number of calls via instant messengers, especially via Viber, has increased significantly. At the same time, scammers place either the Russian coat of arms or emblems of law enforcement agencies on the avatars of numbers.

Such tricks, according to Solovyov, should not mislead people. A call via messenger is a 100% scam.

As for the replacement numbers, you should not rush to pick up the phone. The lawyer advises to take a closer look, whether it is a Russian number or just a similar number of another state. If you try to call back to such a number, the connection will fail.

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