Russia has developed a remedy for overgrowing severe bone injuries

Scientists have created the first Russian cell preparation for bone restoration after complex fractures. This is reported by TASS with reference to  the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation .

“We have created a product that makes bone regeneration faster. This was achieved through the use of regenerative medicine methods using bone marrow cells, which we took from the patients themselves. Then, on their basis, we grew the volumetric mass necessary for surgeons to fill voids at the site of complex fractures and bone injuries, for example, after shrapnel wounds, ”explained Aleksey Lundup, head of the RUDN University Cellular Technologies Center .

To create the drug, it is necessary to remove 50-100 million bone marrow from the victim. After that, a cell culture is isolated from the tissue, propagated and grown to the desired volume, so that the ratio of new cells to donor cells is 20 to 1. After that, the culture is planted on a biocompatible material and turned into artificial bone using a bioreactor. The standard object of the bone block is 4x1x1 cm; for very severe injuries, several pieces can be used in a row.

The technology has already been tested on animals and is currently being tested on humans.

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