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Possible alien origin: mysterious metal ball discovered in Japan

Police from Shizuoka Prefecture are currently checking the coast for other suspicious objects.

In the Japanese city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, a metal ball with a diameter of one and a half meters was found on the Enshyuhama beach. This was reported by Daiichi TV .

A local resident found him on the morning of February 21 and immediately contacted the police.

The police have now restricted access to the scene. Specialists who arrived at the scene began to study the ball, and photographs of the object were sent to experts in the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Coast Guard.

Presumably, the metal ball found on the beach is made of iron, as it is covered with rust. The object has a protruding part that can be used for fastening.

A safe zone with a radius of 200 meters was established around the ball. Due to the fact that the origin of the object is unknown, experts suggest that it may be explosive.

Some social media users have suggested that the item may be of alien origin.

Previously, the media wrote that 7,000 new islands will appear in Japan . For comparison, in 1987 there were only 6852 of them, but now it is expected that their number will increase to 14125 islands. The final figure will be announced in March 2023.

Earlier , Focus reported that a scientist from Japan called for mass hara-kiri for pensioners . He believes that euthanasia of the elderly will help rejuvenate the nation.

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