Moscow State University came up with a new way to create holograms to protect banknotes and cards

Russian scientists have proposed to strengthen the protection of banknotes and plastic cards using a new method for creating holograms. This was reported by the press service of Moscow State University .

The illusion of volume can be given to a picture by turning it into an analog hologram. They look different when viewed from different angles, and due to the relative complexity of such designs, they are used to confirm the authenticity of important papers or products. The method developed at Moscow State University makes it possible to create flat optical elements that, when illuminated with white light, form a 3D object that is visible both when tilted and when the element is rotated 360 degrees.

“The developed methods for creating microreliefs are designed to protect banknotes, passports and plastic cards from forgery. The technology of calculations and subsequent synthesis of nano-optical elements is science-intensive and has not been widely used, which ensures reliable protection of the developed elements,” the press service said.

To obtain the desired result, it was necessary to accurately calculate the microrelief profile, taking into account many variables, on which the “volume” of the image depends.

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