Inhalable SHIELD powder will create an effective protective shell in the lungs against Covid-19

Over the past few years, viruses have shown people how dangerous they can be. Researchers at the University of North Carolina have developed a unique SHIELD powder that can act as a highly reliable, albeit temporary, shield against them. The most unusual thing is that in order to receive protection, a person must inhale a small portion of this product.


Action SHIELD is based on the knowledge of how the human body works. Our respiratory system has many mucous surfaces. They are able to retain on themselves various particles that enter the body with air. This is not only smoke and dust particles – but also viruses. Coughing, people throw this “garbage” out. However, natural mucus is not as effective against viruses as one would like.

SHIELD, when administered by inhaler, interacts with the mucosa and covers it with an additional protective layer. As a result, viruses are blocked 75% more effectively. The powder is safe for humans and consists of a combination of gelatin, acrylic acid and a non-toxic ester. After 48 hours, the protective layer is completely decomposed and excreted from the body naturally.

Tests carried out on laboratory mice showed its very high protective qualities against SARS-CoV-2 particles. The best protection is provided within four hours after the formation of the shell. Then its effectiveness begins to decline. Tests on primates have concluded that viral load is reduced by 50 to 300 times when using SHIELD.

All animals remained healthy, although they inhaled not only the basic version of SARS-CoV-2, but also its various mutations. Scientists believe that SHIELD has a future. The drug can be extremely useful during close social interaction, playing the role of an “invisible mask”.

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