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In Russia, it was proposed to create an ethical committee on bioethics in genetics

Russian geneticists have declared the need to address a number of ethical issues in this area. Gaps in legislation give rise to many problems related to bioethics.

To regulate the field of genetics in Russia, it is necessary to improve legal mechanisms, participants of the scientific-practical conference “Genetic technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases” said on February 16 , TASS reports .

As explained at the “round table” “Bioethics in genetics: assessment of risks and benefits” leading researcher at the National Research Center for Endocrinology, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov in Science Maria Vorontsova , firstly, it is necessary to specifically define the objects of law, and for this, you will probably have to look for new legal regimes, since the old ones are most likely not suitable for the new technology.

Complete depersonalization of genetic data is almost impossible to achieve. As a result, there are many problems associated with bioethics, said the director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Law and Bioethics in the field of genomic research and the application of genetic technologies of the Moscow State Law University. O.E. Kutafin Oleg Grin . One of them is that genetic information is not entirely personal, as it affects the interests of the patient’s relatives. In this regard, lawyers declare the need to create a special category in the legislation – multi-subject information.

Head of the Center for Personalized Medicine, Moscow Scientific Center named after A.S. Loginova Natalya Bodunova said that the center’s specialists are increasingly faced with legal issues when conducting genetic research. For example, the legislation does not allow a genetic test based on the material of the deceased at the request of relatives.

The experts came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a separate ethical committee specializing in questions of bioethics in genetics. According to Vorontsova, in a good way, there should be many such committees, perhaps at every major clinic. But you need to start with at least one in pilot mode, and for this, amendments to the legislation have yet to be made.

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