BAE Systems AP24 Roboboat Receives Lloyd’s Register Certification

The BAE Systems Autonomous Pacific 24 unmanned boat has received Lloyd’s Register Unmanned Marine certification, which means that its mass production will begin soon.


Reference: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping is the world’s largest and oldest shipbuilding classification society. It was founded in Great Britain in 1760. Lloyd’s Register Unmanned Marine documents are issued to unmanned vessels that have passed the appropriate certification.

Autonomous ships appeared relatively recently, but during this time they managed to go from a technological curiosity to an increasingly sought-after workhorse that performs a variety of functions in the Navy. Among them are patrolling, trawling and hunting for submarines.

The AP24 was developed by the UK’s largest defense contractor BAE Systems for the Royal Navy. It is a rigid inflatable boat with a length of 7.8 m, designed for anti-piracy, reconnaissance and offline maritime security.

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